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Engineering Software for all Weidmüller products (Free download)
Over 9700 Weidmüller products available (Relational knowledge)
Engineering with functional and application assistants (Application knowledge)
Integration with leading ECAD Systems (u.a. EPLAN P8, Zuken E3)
Integrated request offer with assembly services (Industrial Automation)

Release Notes

WMC Version V8.144.1.7878

Release Date: 02.12.2019

New products

•1.650 new products

•Over 9.700 products in total

New functions and features

Assistant for ex certified terminal boxes

• Selection of assortment according to defined Ex Environment
• Enable use rail configuration and Enclosure Assistant
• Provide Information for typelabel
• Support CtO Direct Offer Process

Assistant for Heavy Duty Connectors (HDC)

• Selection of HDC Components and Counterparts
• Detailed design of housing, Frames, modules / fixed inserts and contacts
• BOM and documentation view for Manual Assembly


• Optimal marking font size after verification
• Improved handling of rail selection after ECAD import

Installation Guide

How to

When installing the Weidmüller Configurator with the installation link at the Weidmüller Website, a WMC icon will be created on the Windows desktop and a WMC program group will be created in your Windows Start menu. To start WMC you double-click the program icon on the desktop. All updates will be installed automatically when you start WMC the next time.

System requirements

To run the WMC correctly you must install the most recent Microsoft.NET-Framework version. Besides there must be an active internet connection to load all updates and data sheets from the servers, and to use the online help.

First steps

When WMC has been started you will see the main window where you can choose between a new, empty project and an already existing project.

New project

With New Project you can create a new project with an overview of the products to start with filtered by technical characteristic. When you have selected your article to start your configuration the main workspace of the WMC opens.

Open project

With Open project you can choose an existing WMC project from your computer. Besides you can choose a project from your Recently used documents.

Template project

If you want to get an impression of possible configurations there are some template projects. You can choose a template project from the list to get a short description of it. With the button New you create a new project based on this template to view it in detail or modify it.

Application Assistants

You can directly start your project with one of our application assistants which will guide you through a detailed configuration to give you a complete solution for your application.

The different assistants will be explained in detail in a separated chapter of this manual.

Working in the WMC

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